ORAMA is Platinum Sponsor at ESO 2022 Conference


June, 15, 2022


Stegi – Onassis Cultural Center

ORAMA is Platinum Sponsor at ESO 2022 Conference

Orama is proud to contribute at the annual meeting of interior design and architecture professionals in Athens, Έσω [eso]. Eso brings together the most important representatives of the Greek and international creative scene every year, and has established itself as the leading promotion institution in Greece for the arts of design. This year’s conference thematic is “Crossing Territories”.

On Wednesday, June 15, at the Grand Hall of the STEGI – ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE, “Crossing Territories” will act as the catalyst of the experiences that we have been living in the last years that aim towards uncertain social, cultural, political and economic transformations.

For more information on the conference and the invited speakers:

The event is in collaboration & co curation by the Mies Van Der Rohe Foundation. Α co production by the Design Ambassador, +Design Magazine and the Onassis Stegi.


On Tuesday, June 14, at the New Hotel Athens, Orama welcomed all the invited architects and partners at the pre-launch event of the conference, with a with a minimal white tunnel installation at the entrance of the hotel. ‘See Through Elegance’ a portable spatial composition that acts as a contemporary ‘Primitive Hut’, a threshold between the inside and the outside. Publicly accessible, the installation integrates itself in any landscape and allows the viewer to pass through the minimal white tunnel towards a carefully selected framed view.

Installation Concept & Design Roleplay design agency 

Video Production Roleplay design agency